Solar Watts is a small family operated Australian business, established in 1999 by Gary Watts.  For over a decade Solar Watts has been designing, installing and supplying solar renewable energy systems from Central Queensland to the Maranoa.

As of 2013 Shane Lawson is proud to be the new owner operators of Solar Watts.  Shane has been working alongside Gary since 2010 and is excited to be the new owner, following Gary’s decision to retire.

Shane, a licensed and insured electrical contractor, is focusing the business on the design and installation of solar water pumping systems for people on the land.  Solar Watts also continues to offer a maintenance service for stand-alone renewable energy systems.

For Shane there is no place for inferior products, so Solar Watts exclusively install Lorentz water pumps, because they are the best and most reliable.  At Solar Watts we are able to offer personalised service and we design “Set and Forget” solar water pumping systems.  Shane has undergone training to ensure that the solar water pumping system that Solar Watts design for you will be effective and efficient relative to the capacity, bore depth and water pressure variables specific to the site.

Customer Comments

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  1. Robert & Karen Campbell
    Robert & Karen Campbell says:

    Just wanted to give you an update on the Lorenz pump & solar panels you installed for the filtration of our salt water pool in February 2014.

    Initially we were skeptical about how such a small pump could compete with the usual 240 volt mains larger pumps, however we have been amazed by it’s performance. The pump runs all day (even with cloudy skies), and this means that our pool stays much cleaner as any leaves or debris that enter the pool, don’t have the chance to settle on the bottom as the water is continuously cycling through the skimmer.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank Shane for travelling down to Brisbane for the initial consultation, and then the installation of the system – as he had quite the distance to travel.
    His attention to detail during the installation process, and his knowledge of the products he installed was second to none.

    Thanks very much for providing us with a great product, and great service.

    Kind regards
    Robert & Karen Campbell
    Redland Bay QLD


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