Solar Watts’ primary business focus is to provide quality renewable energy solar water pumping systems to property& swimming pool owners. In this day of rising electrical costs and government carbon emissions regulations, renewable solar energy is the way forward for the future. Solar Watts will assist you to save time, labour and electricity costs.

In addition we offer a variety of other renewable energy services including the maintenance of stand alone solar power systems, grid connect systems, supply and installation of solar pool pumps. At Solar Watts we guarantee our workmanship and strive to provide a personalised service of the highest standard. To ensure we are able to guarantee this, there is no compromise on quality when it comes to the products we use.


Lorentz is a german company who have been manufacturing solar pumps for twenty years. Shane installs Lorentz pumps because they are the best and most reliable, with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. Shane has been certified by Lorentz in the installation and maintenance of their solar water pumps.

Plasmatronics logo

Located in Victoria, Plasmatronics is an Australian company specialising in the design and manufacture of electronic regulating and metering devices for solar power systems. Solar Watts has been installing Plasmatronics solar regulators in Stand Alone Power Systems for a number of years as they are very reliable. They have a good end user monitoring system for the client allowing you to monitor system performance on a daily/weekly and monthly basis.

Fronius Logo

Fronius is an Austrian company who has been manufacturing battery charging systems since 1958 and grid connect solar invertors for photovoltics since 1995. Shane is a Fronius Service Partner, qualified to repair Fronius Inverters used in Grid Connect solar power systems. Should a customer have a fault with a Fronius Inverter Shane can usually repair it on-site.




We can also supply a range of spare parts and can service your SHURflo 9300 series pump, including Full Pump assemblies, rebuild kits, motors and new Solar Controllers


Raylite batteries have been Solar Watts choice of batteries also for a number of years offering good value for money and with proper maintenance long service life dependant on proper maintenance by owner of system